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pemotongan laser

PT Laser Indonesia Multiteknik provides the best quality laser cutting of sheet metal like stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and even titanium at an unbeatable price for your metal sheet cutting needs using machines with laser power up to 4000w. Learn more about our competitive advantage. 


We are highly specialized in laser processing of metal, especially in metal sheet cutting process by laser. You can trust us to deliver the right product that you need, correctly and in timely manner as our operators have wide ranging experience in cutting different shapes on different specifications of materials.

Our support team will go all out and communicate constantly with you until you receive the parts exactly as you need it, because we understand you cannot afford to receive delivery other than that is exactly you need. If there are limitations that we encounter, we will be sure to communicate and discuss the get-around with you. 

We can ensure that the proper paper works and procedures are followed through to ensure safe delivery of your products. We have experience in:

  • delivering to domestic sub-contractors, with transaction from overseas. 
  • exporting to your appointed destinations. We have import/export permits.


Precision and consistency

Due to the inherent excellence of Beam Parameter Product (BPP) of Solid State Active Fiber Laser, we cut to 0.3mm precision for thin metal sheets and 0.1mm for thick metal sheets. We can achieve even higher accuracy for highly sensitive parts. Rest assured that all identical parts are cut to a consistent size. 

For thicker materials up to 25 mm carbon steel, our 4000 watts fiber laser can cut with compensations to ensure the most precise dimensions possible. 

We also have 4 units of laser cutting machines at different locations to make sure that your orders can be delivered quickly and accurately.


Low Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

HAZ is significantly minimized, although not entirely eliminated, thanks to the superior speed with which our Solid State Active Fiber Laser can cut. Our 4000 watt machine can accelerate at up to 2,5 Gravity and on the run power output control to ensure that those small details can be preserved.


High on aesthetics 

Minimal, if any, post-cutting finishing work is needed for our cut products as cut edges are shiny and even. Save costs on finishing and post-cutting works. 








Our equipment and team readily handle all quantities small and large- from 1 piece to hundreds of thousands. 


Contact us

Speak to us, WhatsApp, or email us for enquiries, consultation, and samples.

Mobile number: +62-812 563 2349



Laser Indonesia Jakarta
Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan I
Sentra Industri Terpadu Pantai Indah kapuk (PIK)
Blok D1-no. 2
Jakarta Utara 14470.
Tel: (021)2952-5774, 0811-3-52737




PT Laser Indonesia Multiteknik
Jl. H Amir Machmud no 539
Cimahi 40523 - Jawa Barat
Tel: (022)665-2632, 0811-9-52737, 0817-1-52737



PT Laser Indonesia Multiteknik
Jl. Raya Kopo no. 54
Bandung 40242 - Jawa Barat
Tel: (022)8278-3593, 0811-39-52737