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Sample Lasercut Gratis untuk Anda

Contact us for your obligation-free sample

Unfamiliar with how laser cutting can help you in your project? Or perhaps you'd like to have a firsthand experience of our workmanship and working methods. Get in touch with us and we'll engrave and/or cut your samples free of charge.  



Please include the following information in your email to

  1. Drawing file (AutoCAD / Rhinoceros 3D / CorelDRAW / Adobe Illustrator) as attachment,
  2. Specifications/dimensions,
  3. Material desired, 
  4. Mailing preference (please ensure payment of mailing fee directly with service provider),
  5. Your contact information, so that we may reach you for clarification if necessary.

We request that samples conform to a maximum dimension of 200x200mm, with a maximum thickness of 8mm for carbon steel, 3mm for stainless steel, aluminium, and zinc. We shall gladly consider samples that exceed these specifications if need be. 



We reserve the right to refuse sample requests that are beyond our work scope. 


Contact us 

Speak to us, WhatsApp or email us for inquiries, consultation, and samples.

Mobile number: +62-812 563 2349


Location: PT Laser Indonesia Multiteknik

             Jalan Haji Amir Machmud, no. 539

             Cimahi, 40523

             West Java, Indonesia

We are located on the main arterial road in Cimahi and just a stone's throw from downtown Bandung.