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Pelayanan Khusus untuk Cimahi bandung & sekitarnya

Businesses located in Cimahi, Bandung, Cikarang, Tangerang and vicinity will be able to enjoy walk-in services often with same-day delivery1. For businesses located elsewhere, benefit from our nationwide transportation network to ensure that your product arrives at its destination timely. 


Same-day quotation 

Count on our same-day job quotation2 and 1-day turnaround time for approved orders. 


1 Depending on job queue

2 For RfPs (Request for Proposal) received by 3pm


Contact us

Speak to us, WhatsApp or email us for inquiries, consultation, and samples. 

Mobile number: +62-812 563 2349


Location: PT Laser Indonesia Multiteknik

             Jalan Haji Amir Machmud, no. 539

             Cimahi, 40523

             West Java, Indonesia

We are located on the main arterial road in Cimahi and just a stone's throw from downtown Bandung.